Discover Abruzzo

Nature is the greatest wealth of Abruzzo. The beaches at the North are wide and equipped, the rugged coastline, the cliffs and dune systems unspoiled South. The rolling hills that separate the peaks of the Gran Sasso and the mysteries of Maiella. The villages, often guarded by parks, monasteries and abbeys . The Abruzzo hides natural and cultural treasures not to be missed.

Religious tourism finds in Abruzzo one of its most exciting destinations. Abruzzo has always been ideal ground for spiritual research due to the particular geographical position, in the center between the North and the South, and so close to Rome, both for the variety of environments, from the peaks of the Little Tibet of Europe to the Wild Adriatic, sharply contrasting but both of such a great beauty. It is not a coincidence that the Abruzzo has been fertile ground for the development of monasticism and asceticism, whose fascinating testimonies are the hermitages on the Majella and the richest Cistercian and Benedictine abbeys one can visit in the whole region.

The flavors of Abruzzo are those of a generous land whereare still cultivated specialities that are unique due to the landscape and the climate that in a few kilometers join mountains and the sea. Meat and cheese are the main ingredients of the cooking in the inland areas, while fish is the king of the coastal ones.

Many of the typical products of Abruzzo are a Slow Food Presidium and are protected according to criteria of land conservation and processing methods. In each area you will find specialties that are handed down in the Abruzzo gastronomic culture of that specific area and you will not find elsewhere.

The world of traditions in Abruzzo is extraordinarily rich and almost untouched by modern life, preserved and handed down by the tenacity and pride of the people of Abruzzo.

The religious and folk abuzzese events are indeed a unique heritage of ancient rituals that preserves the identity of the people and the territory. They are nowadays the glue of local communities and preserve their history and knowledge. In the background there are always amazing landscapes and medieval villages.

The artistic handicraft too enjoys the same pure condition of the folk events. It follows its models, that are different than the one of the next Regions and offers fine and spectacular examples in the shape and materials that are cultivated since the most ancient times.



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